2017 Gene Bielecki Aviation Camp

Saturday September 30

At North Central State Airport (KSFZ) 9 am till Noon.

Three Great Speakers

Mike Goulian: Mike is a hometown, world class aerobatics performer. The Goulian Aerosports team is one of only three teams in North America that compete in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Mike will be speaking on, among other things, why a firm grasp of the basics is so important in what he does.

Dr. Michael Spiegler Ph.D: Mike is an avid pilot and a professor at Providence College whose area of expertise is clinical psychology. Mike will speak about decision making and you.

Your Local Designated Pilot Examiners: A board of local designated pilot examiners will speak about deficencies they see on check rides. This should be valuable insight to all pilots and instructors. 

Apply What You Have Learned

 Following the seminar a limited number of pilots will be able to fly with a seasoned instructor to review the deficiencies found by DPE's at no cost to you. If you would like to fly in the afternoon, please make a request by email at: info@neaved.org

 You must reqister and attend the seminar to qualify. Pilots will be selected on a first come first serve basis.  Be sure to register at www.faasafety.gov . There are sixty seats available. Lunch will be provided to all who register.

Special Thanks To:

Gene Bielecki Memorial Fund and Providence Jet Center (SFZ), whose support made this possible.